Here are a couple of examples of how important it can be to properly stage your home before putting it on the market.

First we have a master bedroom in a fairly sizeable home. Before the staging process the home was neat and tidy, no doubt about that, and as you can see it was not cluttered with the owners’ personal stuff. But at the same time the room was not at all inspiring when walking in. This home was on the market for over 9 months with no offers.

Now look at the difference after the same room has been professionally staged.

The difference jumps out at you right away, and it jumped out at realtors as well. With the increase in showings after being professionally staged, the owners had a contract in hand in only 3 weeks.

Here’s a photo of a family room in a home that is empty. The owners have moved and taken everything with them. They left no muss, no fuss, and no warmth. Realtors and their clients walk into a barren, empty home. That isn’t usually something that leads to a quick sale. Take a look.

The same family room looking out to the back year pool area but with the addition of a few pieces of rental furniture and some accessories, and voila!

What a difference, wouldn’t you agree?

In this day and age, in this market, staging is not only the smart thing to do, it’s almost imperative. If your home isn’t properly presented to potential buyers, all things being equal they will almost certainly be inclined towards a home that is.

Staging works!