A clean, uncluttered entry hallway

Here is where the potential buyer first transitions from looking at the exterior of your home to the interior. It’s where the first and perhaps most important impression of the living area is made.

As with curb appeal, if the buyer first sees a well maintained entryway the proper mindset has been achieved. On the other hand, if there is clutter all about, you will have lost an important opportunity for a good first impression.

Here are some tips for properly staging the entry area of your home.

  • Keeping the entryway free of clutter will make the house seem larger. That’s usually a good way to start.
  • To the extent possible, make sure the entryway is well lit or otherwise bright and inviting.
  • Is a new welcome mat needed? It’s essential it be what it is supposed to be, welcoming. If need be, buy a new one.

Bottom line here is, don’t neglect the entryway when you’re staging your home for resale.