You are staging your Jacksonvill home in preparation for what you hope will be a quick sale, but you haven’t moved out yet. It’s ok to allow the kitchen to look a little bit lived-in, right?

I suggest it is not. Let me explain.

Kitchens are important to buyers. They want the best one possible, one they can feel at home in right away. You want them to visualize themselves in that room. With that in mind, allowing appliances (toasters, mixers and food processors for example), spice racks, and anything else that may distract buyers to be on your kitchen counters doesn’t work to your advantage. If all your ‘stuff’ is visible, a buyer may not be able to easily envision herself there. Better that you place a few colorful items on the counters to create a sense of warmth and let the buyer create her own image of what your kitchen may look like with her ‘stuff’ there.

Take a look at two photographs of staged kitchens. The first photo here is of a kitchen I staged for a family who had not yet moved out. They agreed that their kitchen should be spotless at all times, and they obviously kept it that way.

When you’re finished cooking, clean the counters and put everything away, every time.

Now let’s look at a vacant home’s kitchen. See any difference other than they are different kitchens? You don’t. Both look uncluttered and spotless.
staging for resale, the kitchen

Nothing but a few colorful items on the counters. The uncluttered space looks bigger, and potential buyers can create their own mental impressions of what it will look like when they move in.

Smart sellers make a continuous effort to keep counters clean and nearly empty. They also make sure cooking smells are diffused as quickly as possible after a meal.

The best advice in general is to be ready for inspection at a moment’s notice. It will be a slight invonvenience if you’re still living there, but the rewards of your diligence will almost certainly be a quicker sale.