Right up there with kitchens in terms of important rooms in the home for buyers are bathrooms. Every do-it-yourself magazine or television show, and every realtor I have spoken with confirms that kitchens and baths will help most in determining resale value.

A clean countertop is important

Clean and bright with up-to-date fixtures are the keys to staging a bathroom. Add luxurious and you’ll get an even better reaction form potential buyers. So…

  • If your bathroom fixtures (handles, spigots, etc.) are outdated, replace them with sleek and modern fixtures, but stay away from anything trendy.
  • You’ll want to have some high-quality plush towels on the towel rack. And they should be color-coordinated with the wall paint and rugs as well as any decorator items you have in there. 
  • Fresh flower arrangements are a must. They look and smell marvelous here.
  • Make sure the bathrooms look as if they belong in a model home. Any signs of use will be a big negative. Get the soap scum out of the shower and off the counter tops. Make sure the fixtures are freshly shined.
  • Shower doors need to be spotless. You can take them outside for cleaning with muriatic acid and water (1/10) if need be. Use a little steel wool and elbow grease and you’ll be good to go. 
  • Are the sinks in good shape? If not consider replacing them along with up to date fixtures. It will be money well spent.

It all boils down to this. If the bathrooms and kitchen are first rate, realtors will make a big deal of it. You’ll be half way to a sale already.

Regardless of anything your home’s bedrooms may have that set them apart, a skylight, direct access to the patio, or a fireplace for instance, the most important aspects of staging a bedroom comfort and space. That’s what potential buyers want to see and feel in a bedroom.

You do this with neutral paint color, furniture arrangement, lighting, and perhaps a few accessory pieces.

So with that in mind:

  • Earth tones (or any soft color) for paint and overall color schemes will appeal to most buyers. 
  • Keep the furniture to a minimum; a bed, dresser, and one or two other items is enough unless you have an unusually large bedroom. Either way, the idea is to make the room seem as large as possible. Too many furniture pieces will likely convey a cramped feeling. 
  • Thin out the clothes in your closets, and I suggest you really take out most of them. You’re going to have to pack them eventually, so get as much of it done now as you possibly can. Your closets will appear larger and that’s a good thing. A home can’t have enough closet space.
  • Buy new, top quality bedding. It will improve the look of the bedrooms, and as you will be taking it with you when you leave, consider it an investment in getting your home sold.
  • Remove personal items such as photos. The purpose here is for buyers to see themselves in the home … not you and your family.

The idea here is to make a bedroom seem as an ideal place to relax. Do all the things outlined above and you will have done that well.

You have to think like a buyer. This will help immeasurably as you prepare your home for viewing by strangers.

  • Getting organized early. You are going to have to pack everything when you move, right? So clearing out closets and reducing clutter on shelves gets you started on that chore. It’s called de-cluttering and it is of paramount importance.
  • The prospects of selling your home improve. Buyers want to see a clean and well organized property. Staging helps in that regard tremendously.
  • Staging can have a dramatic effect on how fast your home will sell. And it goes without saying that speed is good. Once you have decided to move it’s usually a process you want to finish as quickly as possible, particularly if you buy a new home before selling the one you’re in now. Two mortgages can ruin a savings account.
  • Staging just might be the difference in getting what you’re asking in terms of price. There’s little doubt that a seller’s market means little or no haggling over price. But a buyer’s market means you will need to do everything you can to justify the asking price. Staging can go a long way in that regard.
  • You might even enjoy it. Yes, it will be a lot like work, but it is really a creative endeavor first and foremost. The challenge of using your creative ideas to make your home more attractive to potential buyers can be immensely rewarding on more than just an economic level. Achievement in conceiving and executing a plan has its own rewards.