You have to think like a buyer. This will help immeasurably as you prepare your home for viewing by strangers.

  • Getting organized early. You are going to have to pack everything when you move, right? So clearing out closets and reducing clutter on shelves gets you started on that chore. It’s called de-cluttering and it is of paramount importance.
  • The prospects of selling your home improve. Buyers want to see a clean and well organized property. Staging helps in that regard tremendously.
  • Staging can have a dramatic effect on how fast your home will sell. And it goes without saying that speed is good. Once you have decided to move it’s usually a process you want to finish as quickly as possible, particularly if you buy a new home before selling the one you’re in now. Two mortgages can ruin a savings account.
  • Staging just might be the difference in getting what you’re asking in terms of price. There’s little doubt that a seller’s market means little or no haggling over price. But a buyer’s market means you will need to do everything you can to justify the asking price. Staging can go a long way in that regard.
  • You might even enjoy it. Yes, it will be a lot like work, but it is really a creative endeavor first and foremost. The challenge of using your creative ideas to make your home more attractive to potential buyers can be immensely rewarding on more than just an economic level. Achievement in conceiving and executing a plan has its own rewards.