I like to think of home staging as the process of getting your home and its contents ready to present to a very wide audience. Hopefully lots of different people will visit your home and they will represent a whole host of differing ideas of what’s appealing and what isn’t. How well you complete the staging process will have a major impact on a buyer’s impression of your home.

Let’s be clear too on the difference between getting your home ready to sell and staging the home. They’re not always the same. A thorough cleaning and making needed repairs is necessary and part of your overall preparation, but staging is something else entirely. Think of staging as more of an artistic endeavor; furniture layouts, lighting, removing nonessential items from shelves and so forth. That’s staging.

The purpose of staging a home to sell is simply to make your home appear as attractive and enticing as it possibly can be in the eyes of a large and diversified audience of potential buyers.