It’s worth noting that real estate staging for home resale here in Jacksonville is still not something that pops immediately into every home seller’s mind when they decide it’s time to move. But as you’ll see from the comments from some of the clients I have helped in recent months, maybe it should be.

If you’re thinking about moving, I hope the comments below will help convince you that staging is worth your serious consideration. It can be marvelously effective when done properly.




To Whom It May Concern

I have known and worked with Sandra for over 12 years. I believe in my heart that she is one of the most competent and experienced home stagers in the Jacksonville area. I have worked with her on some of the more challenging projects in our area and have complete confidence in her to be honest, tactful and accurate in assessing a homeowners needs. She gets and A+ in my book.

Becky Harmon
Transformations Staging and Real Estate School



I was very impressed with Sandra and her staging efforts. She is very professional, courteous, and has a very good eye for design and matching furniture to our color scheme and style of our home. Our home was under contract less than a week from when we listed it, and the buyer even inquired about purchasing the furniture thinking we owned it since it matched so well.  I would highly recommend Sandra and her company to stage anyone’s home that wants to sell their home quickly.

Sean M
Ponte Vedra Beach




Thank you, thank you, thank you!

My home was on the market for several weeks with no offers. You came in, and with your expert staging it sold in a few days!

You were quick to respond to my call when I was looking for help. We met the next day and you were prompt, professional and friendly. Your prices were spot on and you knew exactly what to do to bring out the potential in my property.

In fact, now that my house has sold I will be requesting your services again to help decorate my new home.

I will recommend you for all your services! You are the best!

Thank you,

Carey S.




Sandra Millis is one of the best resources I have as a realtor. She is fair, honest, easy to work with, and enjoyable.

I first contacted Sandra for help when one of my listings wasn’t getting any positive reaction. Sandra suggested the home needed room definition. Her subsequent staging brought out the best assets of the property and it sold soon thereafter.

I have continued to utilize Sandra’s talents in all my listings and believe she contributes to quicker sales and better prices for my clients.

It is my honor to highly recommend Sandra Millis of Southern Comfort Redesign and Home Staging.

Jacksonville, FL


Dear Sandra:

I want to tell everyone that staging from Mrs. Millis works! She knows what she’s doing.

Our house was shown only twice before we got an acceptable offer after three days on the market.

Sandra’s pre-staging walkthrough consultation taught me tons of tricks to use for cleaning and prepping the empty house for sale. Sandra will save you time by recommending cleaning products that actually work, and offers an objective viewpoint as to how your house will be seen by potential buyers.

Her pricing was very reasonable and she extends any professional discounts she receives from vendors and movers on to you. We feel the staging paid for itself by netting a quick contract before the listing went “stale” and more mortgage payments were required. I highly recommend her services to anyone trying to sell a place.

Stacy N.




I wanted to express my appreciation for all the thought and work you put into the staging of my home for sale. The process has been so very stressful so far so I was delighted to have such a great experience with your service.

I contacted my realtor today to let her know it is READY! The house is listed, the sign is in the yard and when she and her assistant walked thru it this time they were amazed at the transformation the staging had made in the presentation of my property. You have made a marked impression on the value added of staging with each of us knowing the before and after of my home.

It is a tough market these days and I am hoping for a quick sale. I feel certain that your staging service is going to help me accomplish that goal.

Thank you so much.

Debbie R
Atlantic Beach


When we contacted a realtor about selling our house we had thought we were all set to go, the house as-is was ready to sell. At the initial meeting in our home the realtor brought Sandra Millis along to give us her opinion as to what, if anything, might make our home even more attractive to potential buyers.  Are we glad she came along.

Sandra made a number of suggestions that she felt would be beneficial to help us sell our home as quickly as possible. Once we implemented those suggestions, including painting interior walls a neutral tone, she staged the house. The result not only showed well in the photo shoot for the websites, but I am now certain potential buyers were more impressed than they might otherwise have been.

The proof is in the selling. The house showed four times in the first thirty-six hours after it was listed. Out of that we had two offers and we entered into contract in less than two full days.

Sandra’s expertise and eye for detail in staging were key factors in our quick sale, and we are most grateful.

Bill B

The Ravines


Sandra, I guess the best testimonial is that the house sold in four days. You did a fabulous job in staging and I am very grateful for your work. Thank you for your help.

Marge F
Ponte Vedra Beach


I really want to thank you for the wonderful job that you did. You were reliable, prompt, and got it all done in a very short amount of time which lessened our stress level. Thank you for that! The details and accents are lovely and brought a classy, beachy look to the condo. We highly recommend your services to anyone looking to bring a fresh look to their properties.

Linda F
Neptune Beach


Everything looks fabulous and I love your attention to detail. You went above and beyond our expectations. What a remarkable difference the staging made which was why the house sold in two weeks! Thanks again for all your help.

Robert R
Orange Park, FL


It was a pleasure working with you on getting my home staged. WOW! A few changes and the “fluffing” really made a difference. I look forward to your assistance with my new home.

Towanda Y
Jacksonville, FL


The accessory staging really made a different which is why the property sold so quickly. I would recommend your services to any investment property owner.

Gil O
Green Cove Springs, FL


Thank you for transforming my house! I rave about you to everyone who will listen.

Matthew R
Jacksonville, FL


Our house was transformed from “our home” to an alluring house with accent on the architectural beauty of the home instead of our belongings. I am not sure if we would have been ready for such a drastic change early on in the selling process, but now that Sandra has worked her magic we really do wish we had done it sooner!

John and Bonnie M
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


If you’re looking for a stager that goes the extra mile and gives your home the WOW factor that sells your property quickly, she’s your gal. Her flexibility and helpfulness during the entire staging process made it a delightful experience, not to mention we had a contract in a week!

Colette S
Jacksonville Beach, FL


Thank you for your assistance in staging my mother’s house. The things that you did made the house feel warm and not so empty and barren. I appreciate your professionalism and that you made yourself available when it was convenient for me. You were very understanding regarding my budget, yet still making the house look great.

Elaine C
St. Johns, FL