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Fall colors

I have a habit of using flowers throughout my home. I have arrangements or plants in every room of the house. It’s something I got from my mother, and she from her mother. As a matter of fact my mother-in-law may have had the greenest thumb of all. She loved having fresh cut flowers in her home, and she grew most of them.

But living in the upper Midwest meant that she didn’t have flowers in her yard to cut during the winter months, and while she often used florists to help keep her home bright with flowers, sometimes that caused a budgetary strain. So she developed a flair for decorating with flowers that did not come from nature for those times when she couldn’t get the fresh varieties.

I trained with professional flower arrangers for a number of years. I found that creating beautiful vases full of seasonal flowers came naturally to me and I employ that gift with all the homes I stage or otherwise decorate. And, when necessary, I will use brightly colored artificial flowers and plants that mother nature didn’t make herself.

Real flowers are my preference if at all possible. For one thing they smell great, and that adds another positive sensory experience. But there are advantages to using silk flowers too. For example, as you buy and use more of them, you’ll find you have flowers for all occasions just waiting to be employed when you get a fresh idea. I have Christmas flowers, Thanksgiving flowers, summer flowers, flowers for the Fall, and many others. They all get to sit on a table or in a corner from time to time.

If you’re staging your home to sell and fresh flowers are readily available, use them, a lot of them if you can. Put them in every bathroom, in bedrooms, and of course in the family rooms. And if fresh flowers aren’t practical use a quality brand of silk or other artificial flower to make your home brighter and more inviting.