Our home is ours, meaning it reflects our tastes and sense of comfortability. And that’s as it should be nearly all of the time…except perhaps when it’s time to move on, to sell your home. Then it’s better to take a step back and consider what a stranger will think upon entering your home with the idea he or she might want to buy it.

This is where it can be extremely difficult for any of us to be objective. We like what we have in our homes, what pictures are showing, what books are on the shelves, the knick knacks we’ve collected over the years that are here and there. But that may not be what the stanger entering your home for the first time might like. So what to do?

In the simplest terms, you have to de-clutter and make your home look like a model home you’d see at any developer’s site. Now you can’t make your home look ‘new’ but you can make it look less personal, and in doing that you’ll likely arrange your home so as to be appealing to a much larger audience than if it was still filled with your personal stuff.

Remember this. When friends and family members enter your home they expect, and welcome, the signs that you live there. They expect to see photos of themselves and reminders of past events that they probably participated in. But a potential buyer doesn’t have that same feeling. All he or she really wants to see at the outset is how large (or small) the home is and what they…they…might do with it. If there’s too much of your ‘stuff’ around they won’t be able to get as clear a picture of themselves living there.

So, can you do that? If you’re like most of us the answer will be a gentle ‘no’. It isn’t likely you’ll want to move everything from the favored places they occupy in your world. You’ll rationalize about moving this picture, or that momento, or leaving the furniture arranged as it always has been. Rather, you need the help of someone not personally involved with your stuff to make decisions like that. And that’s where I come in. I have the experience and the design sense that may prove helpful to you in this regard.

I can help with the creativity needed to make your home as saleable as it can be to the widest possible audience of potential buyers. Let’s see what we can do, and I’ll do it without a significant dent to your wallet or purse, too.